Leicester Saturday 20th April 2019

Birds liberated at 7,50 in a light north east wind turning to south variable from Wakefield area

Consett birds expected to go in 20 minutes will confirm

Alan Brown

Leicester Saturday 20th April 2019

Just spoke to Peter there is no word until 8.00

Alan Browm



30 lofts 841 birds away /// not bad !!

BHW Lib Line

We have had notification that Aquarius Communications are no longer able to provide lib line services ,so please spread the word it is NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Alan Brown

Leicester Friday 19th April 2019

Birds go today vote was 3 to 0

Alan Brown

Result sheet if it’s readable

Highspen Midweek Club--Vale of Derwent -- Results

1st and 2nd Greg Marshall--1447 and 1446ypm
3rd D Cox --1437ypm
4th A Slee and G/Daughter--1424ypm
5th Goldsborough/Welsh and son--1423ypm
6th and 7th Critchlow/Taylor--1411---1410ypm
8th and ninth--Smith/Ovington--1410---1402ypm
and to round it off G Fisher--1402ypm
a good race with birds split up a bit but most had good returns at clocks.

Highspen Midweek Club--Vale of Derwent

birds liberated at pontefract at 15 40pm

Leicester Friday 19th April 2019 pick up times


Cockfield federation
Racepoint -THORESBY HALL 13-4-19 876 BIRDS
1ST-Fenwick Bros 18 Z 6999 WH 11 48 54 1703.447 100/984 WA
2ND-Fenwick Bros 17 X 282 MC 11 48 56 1702.900 100/984 WA
3RD- Mrs B Matthews & Son 17 X 2463 BC 11 51 00 1700.094 102/690 C
4TH-Mrs B Matthews & Son 14 X 735 BC 11 51 09 1697.692 102/690 C
5TH-M Denham &Son 18 CF 4444 BWC 11 49 51 1695.755 101/38 WA


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