Wakefield 11th Aug

2nd Group Tyne Derwent,Newcastle Annfield Plain liberated at 9.00

1st group includes Deerness Valley

Alan Brown


!st Group Darlington West Durham,Sacriston Annfield Plain liberated at 8.45 in a west south west wind ,other groups to follow will confirm when liberated

Alan Brown

Unikon change of race point

had a query what to do as racepoint has changed
DO NOT alter any thing until all clocks have been synchronised
1. Strike off clocks
2.sychronise all clocks
3. select thoresbyhall right click
4. select edit point
5. alter race point to wakefield
6. alter lib date
7. alter lib time
8. select result



Birds will be racing from WAKEFIELD ,due to a car boot sale at Thorsby Hall
1st Liberation will not be before 7.70

Alan Brown

Thorsby Hall 10th Aug

Birds Held Over ,weather has not improved .
Sunday 1st Liberation will not be before 7.30 may have to move to Wakefield will confirm once we know

Alan Brown


FRIDAY. Rang Alan Brown, With a good Forecast, The decision was made to go as normal. Arriving at the Yard for 5.45pm to collect the Transporter picking Crook and Cockfield Feds up and arriving at Barton for 9.10pm, Opening all rear Doors, 4 Wagons and 2 Trailers set off at 11.10pm, Arriving on site at Wakefield for 12.30am, Doors and Sides opened and Watered by 1.00am, SATURDAY.


Birds going tonight ,pick up times same as last week.
The first liberation could be at 7.30 am to avoid clashing

Alan Brown

Bishop Auckland Homing Society

1st Stephenson Bros 1707.655
2nd Stephenson Bros 1706.468
3rd Mr & Mrs Walton 1697.425
4th Stephenson Bros 1676.939

Old Shildon HS Wakefield 3/8/13

1st, Smith Alderson & Spark 1716.71
2nd, Smith Alderson & Spark 1703.84
3rd, Mr Mrs Stabler & Sons 1672.59
4th, Mr Mrs Stabler & Sons 1652.88
5th, Mr Mrs Stabler & Sons 1636.25
6th, Smith Alderson & Spark 1623.40

Southmoor HS Wakefield2

1 J Whitney1760
2 J Whitney 1759
3 J Whitney 1755
4 J whitney 1755
5 J whitney 1754
6 J Whitney 1752
7 J Whitney 1749
8 Pinkerton & Craik 1747
9 Pinkerton & Craik 1747
10 J Armstrong 1743

Good returns


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