Richmond hs / Billaricky Nat

24 hours delay / raced Sunday much better day than sat , Dc birds were up sat and had a rough day for birds ? Hope they,ve worked back in / heavy rain on route .
Sunday we had much less rain about . still at scooby lofts 50% adrift at clock check , all back eventually .
4 lofts managed 35 birds . centre setting went smoothly, but it was miserable rain on way back home .
Sun 8.15 transport lads had em away WSW ....with West at home end getting strong as afternoon went on .
top of shop !!
1st R Dixon dtr 1392.1 6th fed
2nd M M Bell 1368.8 12th fed YEAH
3rd G Barker son 1354.3
4th G Barker son 1352.4
5th G Barker son 1335.3
6th W Mellor 1334.4
7th R Dixon dtr 1332.9
8th R Dixon dtr 1330.4
9th G Barker son 1328.5
10th M M Bell 1317.5

Roman rd / Maidstone 5 lofts sent 70 odd birds . Scooby lofts ducked out from sending
No official result but hear ,
1st D Fletcher
2nd / 4th J Skelton /Novice flyer..... well done both !! as said bit of a stinker . Vince had em away 5.15 am clear skys some where on route they must have hit rain .a lotof rain.... clock reading put back as not many lofts had two each back ?
Keep em going !! no good sat in shed !!
I think scotch birds were also at Maidstone / hope they had god returns ..
4 OB races left , can Scooby lofts get a first before the last race .Ray. may find himself walking home from next centre set ??????
only kidding ..Ray ...