2024 Young Bird Training

Transporter Training

As passed at the AGM the Amalgamation will run a transporter training program for youngsters.
Scheduled dates are Sunday 7th of July, Wednesday 10th of July and Sunday 14th of July and Tuesday 16th of July (weather & holdovers permitting).
Northern Feds 1 x Aycliffe & 2 x Barton Quarry
Southern Feds 1 x Leeming Bar & 2 x Ripon

Transporter Training must be booked and paid for in advance via Fed Secretaries. If you sign up and don't send it still must be paid for as it is self supporting.

Pick up points and final price to be confirmed once number of members interested are confirmed, but the indicative price is £20 per basket for 4 tosses (Maximum of 25 birds per basket).

Numbers of members signed up & names to be with Amalgamation Secretary Brian Ford by 12 noon on Friday 28th of June.

Ian McIntosh
WDA President