FRIDAY. Informed Alan Brown that it was a better Forecast for Saturday than Sunday with little or no chance of a lib on Sunday, The decision was made to go Friday for a Lib on Saturday. At Yard for 4.30pm picking Cockfield West Durham,and then back to the yard to put Crook and loading other feds on 1 Wagon & trailer setting off to collect Darlington, All Feds collected and all Feds kept together. Set off from Darlington at 7.20pm. Road works on A1 at Tuxford, Detour through Ollerton, Back on A1 at Newark, Road closed at Grantham, Second detour over to Melton Mobray, Back to A1 Rutland, Then slip road closed on M25 third detour arriving on site at 3.10am. Birds watered opened one side of wagon due to wind and rain on site by 3.40am. SATURDAY Up at 6.30am with full Cloud Cover and Spots of Rain. Showers on route,Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Areas. 10.30am Brightening up on site with 70% Sunshine. Hull birds Liberated at 10.40am I agreed to give them 20 mins Birds Liberated at 11.00am In a Strong Gusty SW Wind Birds Clearing Well. Set off back at 12.10pm. Band of Rain at Stamford but this was at 12.45pm odd Shower after that mainly Pontefract Area but Very Good Visability. Stopped at Wetherby at 4.00pm Dropped DAR. CF. WD. CR Baskets off, In Yard at 7.00pm. SUNDAY at Yard for 9.30pm dropping DV. SAC. TD. NEW. baskets off Back to yard for 12.30pm. PETER MATTHEWS. BASKETS. AP.None.-CON.9- CF.16.- CR.8.- DAR.13.- TD.19.- SAC.13.- NW.16.- WD.25.- DV.12.- TOTAL BASKETS= 131. THANK YOU.