FRIDAY. Rang Alan Brown with a good forecast for Saturday, The decision was made to go as normal. Went to the yard for 5.30pm to start to collect from DV. WD. & Darlington Feds up, Arriving at Barton for 9.10pm, All Birds were put on to 2 Wagons & 1 Trailer Consett Fed was on a Wagon and Trailer, But the wagon was backed up to the trailer at the race point this putting the Fed side by side and back together for the Liberation. Rear Doors Opened. We set off at 10.15pm stopping at Stibbington on the way down for Tacho Break, We were Delayed at M25 Junction and Arrived on site at 4.00am Birds opened up and watered by 4.45am. SATURDAY Up at 7.00am opening all sides fully, Full Cloud Cover on site, But Forecasted to Clear Out later in the day, At 8.30am still Overcast on site decided to put race back untill 10.00am to avoid members ringing lib line all the time, By 9.30am Clearing and Sun breaking through, Birds Liberated at 9.45am in a Brisk North Wind on site, Good Clear Skies on route and no Showers Forecasted. We set off back at 1.00pm with Tacho Break and dropping Baskets off on the way home getting back at the Yard for 7.00pm. SUNDAY At yard for 9.30am dropping Clubs Baskets off and back to the Yard by 12.30pm. BASKETS DAR.27.-CR.14.-CF.26.-CON.31.-DV.20.-NW.19.-TD.24.-AP.26.-SAC.23.-WD.35.- TOTAL BASKETS = 245. THANK YOU PETER MATTHEWS.