Annfield Plain HS Ypres

1st M Harris 1244.8
2nd Brown & Croudace 1210.5
3rd Gilbert & Little 1143.1
4th Sayers & Thwaites 1136.1
5th Brown & Croudace 1133.8
6th Lawson Bros 1119.7
7th R Elliot 1107.6
8th Gilbert & Little 1104.0
9th Bob Westgarth 1096.5
10th Bob & Westgarth 1093.2

Well done Maca 2nd Amal

Same pigeon 1st Amal last year Arras has 2nd club Arras and 2nd club Reims this year great pigeon


well done mark fantastic pigeon to achieve these results and well done to you for having him in the condition he was in get him prepared for bourges next year he will relish that test

why on earth would anyone want to send a pigeon like that to Bourges, it could top the amal twice next year at under 400 miles, either keep it at its distance or put it in the stock loft, the pigeon has nothing to proove neither has the owner

why not

thats your opinion brian many fanciers would do it

How do you know many fanciers would do it, how many fanciers do you know with a pigeon with a 1st and 2nd amal, how many have you clocked on from Bourges, do you send to Bourges, most of the WDA do not send to Bourges, WE HAVE YET TO GET A FULL RESULT SINCE I TOOK THE SECRETARYS JOB IN 2008

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