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BIG WELL DONE TO KENNY...............

1ST..K NOBLE................1356.9
2ND..R DIXON.DTR.........1329.1
3RD..R DIXON.DTR.........1318.0
4TH..R DIXON.DTR.........1260,6
5TH..R DIXON.DTR.........1244.4
********************BASKETS BACK BEFORE MOST OF BIRDS**************



Albert, that's fine - your at least coming up with a method of how to achieve it. At present proposals are out forward for the members to vote on and there is no explanation as to how it will be implemented. Obviously any change to the voting process would require submitting to the membership and to be voted in before it could be used. I assume that you agreee any Fed must retain the right to opt out of a group it was placed, in if the majority of that Feds members voted against that option?

Stuart its always unfortunate you seem to be the one to fight others battles. We have had to endure years of this group nonsense pigeons coming off the back so you at Darlington and the 3cs have all the shiney marbles. We intend to rescind 13a and 13b. As soon as racing finishes that task begins. Its time our birds needs were put first. Your needs have been satiated long enough .

Joe, the only shiney thing in my loft is the s### shovel cos I have no S### to go on it, ours come out the back with yours, only thing is ours have another 20 miles to get back to Darlo

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A lot of the posts are on about group libs or all up together we would be better off trying to find out why the YB are missing, it can't all be clashing we had some small libs getting good returns from some of the first races then when we lib all together we get a smash. You would of thought there was nothing as big as our lib at that time so what went wrong.

Had a word with one of the convoyers that were at Aycliffe liberating birds between 10 & 11am on Saturday, the 1st lib had about a 1000 birds and the other 3 libs less than 300 birds all going to Leicester,P'boro,Notts area, said they had a cracking race, some clocking up to 16 birds in a minute, Have sent texts to another 5 convoyers this morning asking for their thoughts
The officials of the Amal are taking these losses very seriously, not just Saturdays but all 4 yb races

What would be the point in balloting the whole membership to agree a race programme or groupings to then give a fed an opt out option? We would then have to endure the same nonsense that we currently go through again.

As previously mentioned we need a committee or working group to come up with a limited set of explained proposals to put to members rather than feds and the one Albert suggests is as good as any as it is workable and cost effective and can be done over a short timescale.

We need to give our convoyer as much help as we can to get the birds away at the best time for a good race - 4 liberations for yb's doesn't do this.

A single liberation would help to get the birds away but there is obviously so much resistance against this and we had a single liberation on Saturday gone with disastrous results but we have also had disastrous results with split liberations before that. So are groupings even the answer? Nevertheless they are still a massive point of contention.

I think that a large proportion of members would still favour a single lib and a similar amount if not more would favour 2 libs (assuming the groupings were right) which would still give the convoyer a short window to liberate in but if we don't ask members we won't find out. I think though from the strength of feeling coming through, a North/South split is definitely not what the members in the front want as well as not wanting a single lib.

In terms of groupings you are always going to have some feds in the middle such as Annfield Plain & Deerness Valley and West Durham - an "up the middle group perhaps"! Only semi-joking but it is an option you could look at along with East & West. You are then looking at 3 libs though which would defeat the point of the exercise however and I will only very briefly mention the 3 C's!

So how do we resolve the situation?

I think we need to do it in 2 steps.

Firstly get members to decide if they want 1 of 3 types of liberation for the early yb races

1 - all together
2 - N/S (with possible groupings)
3 - E/W (with possible groupings)

Once that decision is made then ask members to vote on definite groupings for example; members vote E/W so follow on vote would be:-

Option A: D/WD/DV/S/NW - C/C/C/TD/AP

Option B: D/WD/DV/S/ - C/C/C/TD/AP/NW

Option C: D/WD/DV/S/NW/AP - C/C/C/TD

I have just done above for an example but would think that the number of birds going in each fed/all together should be taken into account as well and to try and get similar group sizes.

Anyway just an idea.

C Wright SMHS

I don't think it's anything to do with groups why we are losing them. Doesn't matter if it's 1 cut or 10 we are getting bad races regardless. I for one don't think they have had ideal weather to race in with extensive gusts of winds and then heavy down pours hammering what might have shown up the next morning. I thing a majority of birds will be along the east coast but that's not a criticism of anyone we had to race in the best the weather would offer but it's not been ideal for youngsters learning there trade. Seen 3 birds heading north today looking fooked and badly ripped open on keels and legs dangling. I think the winds got ahold of a few of them and they have flown with it rather than against and huge numbers have followed like sheep. By the time they have tried to make for home it's been to much then the rains put them all down. We've had good and bad races with groups and single libs so it makes no difference. I'd prefer at least having them in the WDA boundary north East South or west than 100's of miles away.