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please note A MEETING will be held on Monday 2nd march..




maybe if Richmond H S put some proposals in now and again instead of GOING WITH THE FLOW as you put it we might get some constructive meetings instead of negative attitudes all the time

Hi Brian ..

unfortunatley I have no control over members / if they have no proposals then they have non !!
maybe they see liittle point with three clubs from town / & one (us ) outside ..nearly always out voted .I don,t know !!
its hard NOT to be negative /when we travel to meetings AGM part two / and two clubs from town (no traveling needed) dont, bother to come..wasting our bloody time (not even an apology),only to travel again / for reconvened meeting to have every thing past at last meeting (AGM) over turned .(which is out of order )...NOTHING MORE NEGATIVE THAN NOT TURNING UP> (let us know what you said to them) ?
SO please dont moan at us if we come across as negative ,,don,t recall you having this problem with us going with the flow prior ?? don,t think richmond have missed a meeting. for years Maybe ?.as far as RHS members were concerned agm matters were proposed, seconded, & passed / a balance of £600 plus was being carried over to 2015 .All done !!.now clubs who failed to turn up at AGM part two...have decided at the bar !!! more funds are needed??? ,,and call for more meettings ...maybe they will actually turn up this time ..I don,t know !! perhaps we won,t ...may be more thought of ?? I don,t know ,, maybe to avoid arrguments,,,we will just go with the FLOW,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!..I don,t know !......Peter & Stuart just to remind you the meeting you wanted is on Friday 6th March...Lets be constructive and TURN UP ,,EH !

There is no THEM & US in Darlington Federation, never has been and never will be while I am Chairman
The two clubs missed the meeting because of a misunderstanding of the dates but you already know that but still try to make it an issue
Did you actually report back to your members that what had been passed at the meeting WAS GOING TO BANKRUPT THE FEDERATION
At the last meeting you stated that the Secretary should give you some figures to work off, he has, its called a BALANCE SHEET, ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE TO SEE WHERE THE PROBLEMS ARE.
your''FEDERATION SHANANIGIANS'' started this off, I have better things to do than go to meetings then read crap like that, your a club secretary, act like one and stop trying to take the piss and winding people up all the time

never said it !! three clubs from town & us out side of town what was said, It was reported to members and also placed on this site about the fed needing some extra income ....take a look .... can you read!! the fed is not going ban rupt it carried over £600 plus and if fees needed to go up next year so be it... I said auditos should maybe point out any weakness in finances and recomend remedies .your right it,s not rocket science ,but balance sheet coukd not be passed at AGM no 1 due to mistakes ..Chris was sent some figures/sugestions off the record .
why is it crap to point out rules are broken...passed at AGM part two to have single stated in one of your ..posts!! yet allowed at latest fed meeting of which you were chairman,allow to unmandated proposals to be put forward ie .( shaninigins ) your right I am club sec / your entitled to your opinion !! about that .. no one is winding anyone up ...I could of said things like your fed chaiman ACT like it but did not, as that would be winding people up !! if anyone is taking the piss as you state its you I am long time official , but can say ,,thought had seen it all But these last two meetings have been a real eye opener..

SEE you refered to all but ,,,,,single lib in your rant / passed at AGM ...over turned at finance / general meeting .....any reason ..for this omission ?????

YOU placed on the site that the fed needed funds [nothing to do with this site]
YOU were told at the meeting that we either go ahead and vote on the issue of groups or we call a special meeting, rescind the minute on single lib and vote on the groups, I explained the result would be the same
The fed carried over £1300 the year before, its now down to £600 to carry over, a loss of £700, so as we carry on this year the same as last year [as was passed at the AGM] we will show a loss of £700 but we only have £600, sounds like BANKRUPTCY to me,
So we stick to rules no matter what and good-bye Darlington Fed
some people quote the rule book but only when it suits them, Why would you send Chris some figures/ suggestions OFF the record

thought this site could be used to inform / keep informed members just another way of passing information ....thats why it was on site
your statment >>you were told >> at last meeting says a lot !!!

with the raffles / the reduction in sec,s phone bill / the reinstatement of meet draw,,sale of tickets for presentation etc . there is no worries about bankrupcy. 2016 fees could then go up to realistic figure ?? rather than ride rough shot over AGM ? It is clear that town clubs do not want single lib at any cost / past at AGM
some people follow / quote the rules as supposed to ..dont we all try to do that ?
financial sugestions were sent to chris as I am as concerned as anyone about the FED , but I am no accountant / and to be honest do not think the fed members would entertain any of them . thought chris could give opinion ? out wrong with that ..
AS IT IS CLEAR we ain,t going to come close to agreeing on anything posted lately ...SO I shall step down as fed delegete at tonights club Meeting .I have no wish for our disagreement to escalate.(life,s to short )
Based on decissions yet to be made and the way they have come about / all I can do is vote with my feet I fear many others will to ? all the best !! ) A Bell

I explained why the 2 clubs missed the meeting, I explained why we voted for a single lib and wanted to change it after the N/S - E/W did not happen, I explained we could have a special meeting and the outcome as all the town clubs delegates wanted to go with DV and SAC, why do you have a problem with this, You have already voted with your feet by telling people that if Darlington do not have a single lib you will fly your ybs in Roman Road club, so be it

Sorry Brian wrong again ...I said if darligton go up in a group with deerness valley & Sacriston ...I would not be sending with Darligton fed .stop listning to tales in the bar !!!!!..WHY ,because 2013 / bred 44 finished with 5 ....2014 bred 38 finished with 9 ..only 3 lofts finished season of last year ..WDA not providing the YB racing NEEDED./ WANTED. You is so out of touch, Richmond & I Wanted single lib ,so stop talking BULL SH.. never expected to get one but as you know this appeared and was passed . .by Richmond ..some how ? it ain,t going to happen ...we know why explained in recent posts ...So yes if wish any yb,s will go at roman rd .. can not be any worse.........Joining R R .hs is to be a relaxation from sec,s duties / flying with out any responsibilities..on the day....try to end YB season with 50% left .

''WDA not providing the YB racing NEEDED/WANTED'' so what did you propose for the WDA pre agm concerning YB racing, oh I remember now, you were going to ''GO WITH THE FLOW'' as usual, your not the first Richmond member to come on here saying '' sort it out WDA''
When YOU decided to ''GO WITH THE FLOW'' for the WDA pre agm did you inform your members at Richmond, If so why did Richmond members have a meeting concerning the PRE AGM JUST 2 DAYS BEFORE THE ACTUAL PRE AGM MEETING WAS TO TAKE PLACE and you think I'm so out of touch, give your head a shake,
YB racing is not going to improve because we are doing the same as we've done for the last 2 years, I have called a meeting half way through the YB season for the last 2 years because of the massive losses, nothings changed, Whats your solution, you have not got one, no one has because to have a solution you first have to find the reason for the problem, We have 535 members, all have a reason but none are the same reason

Sorry Brian Mr Dixon votes the way club tells him to. If he / we go with flow that's what members wanted / may not be our views some may be .. but we is ALWAYS mandated ...check with Mr barker (chairman ) if any doughts ...yes we were late with meeting last year / same as S fawcetts club / you informed chairman so on phone .....we never moaned about it just went with flow ?/ hard to get members interested at end of long season ..may this is why date changed for 2016 ?? I said you was out of touch because after all meetings held / you still did not know which way as a club / we voted at FED AGM ,and you should of it was over turned at fed general meeting ..GIVE your head a shake !!!....You know my solution ..this is to move YB,S to a different set up ..May not be RIGHT ..but as stated IT CAN NOT BE WORSE....the fed,s solution was to go in group with DV & SAC // you pays your money & takes your chance.... Good luck ! hope we all have better season ..our club has lost four members to other set up / ie ..fed has lost about 6 baskets a week ...bankruptcy was mentioned earlier ...losing members like this is sure way to it !!
Any chance you can put on out come of WDA meeting /

last questions
If Darlington had passed that we all go together then changed it at a later meeting to a single lib what would you have said to that, some members only quote the rule book when it suits them, When did you have 4 members sending 150 birds between them, Richmond have lost a few members [Nev and John Brown] that had nothing to do with Darlington Fed, maybe you need to look closer to home when 2 of the best pigeon men I know still have pigeons but don't race them
balance sheet passed
subs no change
N/C, A/P, T/D
3Cs and maybe W/D [back to W/D members to decide]
Massive concerns about BOVES and the size of the site, I don't think this is over yet

if darlo had passed all up together and then changed it in same maner as, was done / i would of said same can not do it ( you not going to beleive that ) but if you went back to clubs so delegates were mandated I would not have been able to say anything , opposite to what happened this year.
not sure what you implying with Nev & john .....Nev gave up due to age / could no longer be bothered with the management the way he used to ..He was at fed sale last weekend YOU should of asked him !!!... john brown I can honestly say I have no idea why he gave up racing /nev fell out with john when together cause he was not putting effort maybe again he can,t be bothered ???? now,t to do with club ??? the fact that they both still have birds is up to them / it,s in there blood ??? always hoped john would return...... nothing wrong close to home we have strong club 15 members / more lofts than cockerton !!!! club officials been in place twenty years,,,BUT as we know fanciers will have anyone willing to do it !!!doe,s not mean they any good at it ??? and a balance sheet 3 times stronger than the feds not bad for a small club /with the issues you imply.... the only resignation for a no of years has been J nicholson this year allthough he has not raced for two / three seasons .// low y b birdage and losses like 2014 may see more in 2016 ??
members lost to other set up all sending there Y birds else where ..I & a megson / G moore / m johnson / A bell......B scaife another wda winning loft ...does not send a bird , cannot blame club for that either ..pays subs / it,s up to the member
we easily send 150 birds with four members member alone sends 70/ 80 birds alone .( p nee ).of course this is before the groupings / sort the buggers out with 25 / 30% losses each week (can,t blame club for that ) yes its then hard to find 150 birds to send ..thats been my point ..Why do some fanciers think a club / shortest flyers would want to be up in a group with two of longest flying feds ???????? .as club sec I will be trying to have members send at RHS( after group races over ) but with returns far greater than ours , last year , it will be up hill struggle ...
.. all meetings done / decisions made lets see how it goes ...s we need to make it fun or we as a club will be losing members & not to other set up ...??? then we both lose !!!!!!!.