Re scheduled Finance meeting Wednesday 11th March 7:30

FInance Meeting first....

1/ Balance Sheet

2/ Subs

3/ Basket Charges, Birdage etc.

General Meeting

1/ YB Groups

Cockfield - request to be liberated in a group with Crook, Consett and West Durham Federations

Darlington & District Federation to be liberated in a group with Deerness Valley and Sacriston Federation.

2/ NEHU Races (updates from MC 3rd March)

3/ A O B


Thought darlington were giong up on their own??

Running the risk of been accused of been negative !!! can someone please tell me when it was ever discussed at club or fed to be in a group with deerness valley & sacriston ??? just read WDA agm proposals this is not what was passed ...not on agenda ??? where has it come from who has mandated our delegate to vote for it ?????

Well said Bella what is the good of having all these meetings { I've had four, }
Illegal is the word were looking for. Frank Armstrong .

This just gets better and better. Be making changes mid season at this rate, when was all this voted for and passed? Bella and Frank are on the money what happened to following the rules printed in every members handbook! Top table just doing as they please per the norm.

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can we also put on agenda scrapping rule 13a and13b--seeing everything else is on or is this agm continued plus finance meeting.

T Ovington

The groups are now never decided at the AGM and don't blame me for that
I have received a letter from Cockfield Fed requesting that they be in a group with Crook, Consett and West Durham Fed. Its up to Crook & Consett what they vote for
Darlington wanted a single lib because they would not go with North/South or East/West, when these groups were not formed Sacriston and Deerness Valley invited Darlington to join their group, This WAS discussed at Darlingtons last meeting and Cockerton, East End and Railway institute decided to vote in favour of the invite
STREETER, Try and explain the last sentence in your post and add your real name

Brian as you know ...liberation group with darliington going up with deerness vall & sacriston has NEVER been back to clubs for members to read discuss or vote ! YES we were told at last fed meeting that does not give any one the ability to go to wda meeting and vote it in we were never mandated by members to vote...this way and never did ....don,t think any other club in fed has either.!! explain !!

you state in an early post that this has never been discussed, now you say it was discussed at last fed meeting, YOU know what was said at the Fed meeting and I don't need to explain it on this site

as you state in your own post

Darlington fed voted for single lib it of no consiquence if we were invited by any one, why is it even allowed to be considered ..passed at AGM to have single lib ....may this be the reason for Streeters last sentence ??

Exactly my point Bella. All these meetings, things put in place, then all of a sudden clubs and Feds aren't happy and want things changed. It dosent follow the correct process and ends up straight up at AGM level without going through clubs, Feds members who may be effected. Why is it left five weeks before racing?
This should have been and was in place months ago. Not popping up at top level to be quickly passed without the members say so.

More importantly have we come up with a solution for more potential disasters? Since Sharley Park is not considerd large enough? Or is that forgotton about? So we just lib regardless of UNC who cross our path and smash us up. To be honest these are things needing sorted. Forget the groups it will be game over regardless who your up with when the little batches meet the UNC sections

REGUARDS WDA was passed that young bird liberations would be liberated on time reguard less of unc libs.peters concern was 3rd and 4th race when we are all in the same area.unc lib from worksop crosses over our flight path.their is a race point at chesterfeild SHARLEY PARK,CLAY CROSS post code S45 9LX rpra site code 4023 it is directly off M1 it is 105 mile to west auckland,5 mile further than thorsby hall 8 mile shorter than newark.iff this race point was suitable it will take us away from unc libs may be giving us better racing from 3rd and 4th race where we seem to have funny races from.this race point is direct line of flight in between wakefeild and leicester.this race point may be worth looking at.

ITS NOT BIG ENOUGH, SITE REPORT STATES ''ONLY SUITABLE FOR SMALL TRANSPORTERS'' which part of this are you having difficulty understanding or do you want us to just turn up and can't liberate, then you would have some fun on here, If your that keen pop down and check it out for yourself
If you don't put your name to your next post they will all be deleated, if someone phones me up I want to know who I am speaking to, the same applies on here.

balance sheet passed.wda in good healthy state.
subs same as 2014.
basket charges to be reduced to £13. 50p reduction on all races except nationals.
young bird groups.
newcastle-tyne derwent-annfield 1
sacriston-deerness valley-darlington .group 2
consett-crook-cockfield .group 3
west durham can form with group 1 or 3.due to fed seceratary been ill for several months they hadnt held a meeting.
nehu races.
inland classic east bourne.
longest race bourges.
queens cup races-nehu meeting held 3rd march.unc probosed boves.wda members aired there concern with information recieved from rpra clearly stating site was only suitable for 5 wagons to park but only 2 could liberate at a time,this imformation was told to members who attended the meeting.seceratary of unc was admant the unc were going to boves and the site was big enough .vote was 10 for and 10 against the nehu president had casting vote and decided for boves.wda had proposed the race to be flown saturday was defeated 10 for saturday 12 for friday.since wda meeting on 11th march ive spoken to peter scaife convoyer for east continental club who have flown boves for 10 years clearly states no way can 5/6 wagons be liberated as it is also very close to dual carriage way which is the main road from amiens to paris with traffic busy from 6am.and birds could end up flying across dual carrige way.any one wishing to contact him can do so 01493 309723.john thompson nehu vice president and colin brown convoyer of dc have spoken to him about there concerns and have been told the same information .