Sportsman FC NFC Toft Hill new for 2015

During this coming season I will endeavour to provide readers with an update on Club progress. Readers should be aware that the Club was started in late 2009 with the intention of providing fanciers in the North East with the opportunity to fly in National races with the NFC. And it is this programme only that our Club competes in. We fly around 420 miles+ from Fougeres to over 800 miles at Tarbes. Many of our members also fly in the Up North Combine, Durham Combine and West Durham Amalgamation and are scattered over a large geographical spread with the shorter flying racing 100miles less than the furthest flier in the club.

The Club competes in Section K of the NFC where we regularly give 100 to 150 miles further than any of our southern competitors. Nevertheless our members have shown that we can mix it with the rest of the Section and Open lofts. I have attached photos of some of the top performers in the club last season

We recently held our club AGM which despite long journeys for most members was very well attended. There was plenty of constructive discussion which saw the Officials remaining in post, subscriptions remaining £20 a loft, with at least 24 lofts racing this season.

For 2015 we will be operating Local Clock Stations at Greenside and Silksworth to help cut down on distances travelled by members to have clocks checked.

Members and supporters of the Club should note their diaries that the Club Pay-out will be on Wednesday 14th October. Main guest the ever popular and knowledgeable Rod Adams.

The club arranges transport of the birds from Toft Hill to Sheffield
for each race a round trip of 260 miles and to help cover the transportation and club administration costs we will hold a Telephone Young Bird Sale around late April. I can assure readers that there will be some first class distance stock available in the Sale. Watch the BHW for more details in April.

On behalf of the members I would like to thank everyone who has
supported the Club.

Bob Mckie
Mobile 07828961442