ETS software/firmware version NEHU ETS rule 31 & appendix 3

Minimum software versions are declared for a purpose. They ensure correct operation of the systems and inter operability between them.

Up to date versions of the ETS Rules are sent to the racing organisations when altered/updated and also loaded on the NEHU Website.

Firmware/Software update notifications are also sent to the racing organisations from the NEHU and to the registered system keepers via the manufacturers.

NEHU ETS RULE 31 clearly states that the current software versions must be installed.

31. The Current year’s version of Software/Firmware for each manufacturer will be listed in Appendix 3 of the ETS rules available from the NEHU Office/Website. All Club Systems/ETS Clocks must have as a minimum the version numbers of Software/Firmware listed in Appendix 3.

The current version of Appendix 3 is as shown below.

Appendix 3

Club Systems:


Benzing Version 4.0 or higher
BRICON version UK-09 (update 0x12) or higher
Mega Systems Version: 5.1F or higher
Tauris version CW 1.45-UK or higher
TIPES Version 2.35c or higher
Unikon Version 4.2 or higher


Benzing M1: Version 4.02 or higher
Benzing G2: Version 2.07 or higher
Little BRICON: Version UK-20 or higher
BRICON Speedy: Version 012+ or higher
BRICON Speedy Lite: Version 012+ or higher
BRICON+: Version 007 or higher
Mega Black: Version: 5.1F or higher
Mega 3000: Version: 5.2B or higher
Mega Star: Version: 5.2B or higher
Tauris: Version UK8.17 or higher
Tipes MC2100: Version 2.60 or higher
Unikon Champ: Version 3.10 (UK) or higher
Unikon Profi: Version 3.10 (UK) or higher


ovy1255's picture

DOES the nehu know what the updates contain?
if so can the members see any correspondence?

T Ovington

There could be some confusion here the update in Febuary was for the UCS and
not the members clocks. Also is it possible that the UCS was 4 sec
fast and not all the members clocks that were slow?


some manufacturers UK agents do not notify of releases, information has to come direct from the manufacturer after an approach from the NEHU.
Some don't tell anyone what the content of the release is.


I spoke to Unikon today and they confirmed what i said, it would be impossible for all the clocks to be slow and in that case it would be the U.C.S. that is fast therefore the clocks need not have bean sent
to UNIKON as they were not 4 sec slow .
The rule that has been broken is the lack of updates and this could be half the AMAL for seven year,s
so let,s not go there . Do the updates and move on. Frank