Tours lib site - just a small video and couple of photo's of the Tours lib site in use in August 2014


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Another fine advertisement for pigeon sport by our continental friends.

I'm sure Peter will make sure that our birds can't collide with those bollards.

Stephen Guthrie
(Tow Law HS)

The main point here is that this race point has been deemed as unsatisfactory and withdrawn by other organisations. As I recall there are no facilities on the site never mind the encroaching trees and bushes.

Bob Mckie

bob mckie

A previous (2000) report done by Keith Mott who wasn't happy then, never mind when you look at the foliage growth that has happened since then shown on the video

At least ours would not be a large liberation with less than 1 transporter full giving Peter an opportunity to get the best liberation location available also with actually leaving on a Tuesday not a Wednesday and arriving in good time on a Thursday for a Friday lib should allow a good set up ready for lib

Suppose will have to "suck it and see" and take first hand feedback from Peter after the race


Before anyone starts kicking off about Tours remember it was the MEMBERS that proposed and accepted Tours, This will now obviously be discussed at the meeting on March 2nd.
Biggleswade is off the menu, Huntingdon and Leicester both have race meetings on the days we are their
It was proposed and passed that we follow the A1, How do we end up at Leicester, probably something to do with the overfly increasing for some


agree 100%, the membership voted for the A1 route (again), as such race points on M1 should have been discounted to give us a true line of flight.
If a line is drawn through the WDA from Bourges it runs through Eastbourne and along the A1 further North.
It goes no where near Leicester.

Tours info was posted to inform members of current conditions at the site with enough time before the next meeting to allow members an opportunity to 're consider its suitability, it triggers memories of the Boves debacle again.


If you look on the 'in the loft' page on Facebook Keith mott has a picture of tours lib site on it doesn't look as bad as these pics do

Would assume off reading the KM report that the WDA used the old lib site mentioned in the report in the 70'-90's and not the new one that has been used since approx 2000 and appears to becoming overgrown off viewing some of the photographs

While doing a bit research "google search lol" read about a Dutch organisation with 24,000 birds who moved their transporters a couple of kms away to a stadium for release (2012)

The photo Keith Mott took is of the same spot as the Belgian lib but 20 years before.......

The same row of white posts at one side of the roadway between the lakes is visible in both photos.

hi clive, iff site not up to standard then moving a couple of kilometers to stadium car park could be wise move.ime sure peter will suss it out .we flew ORLEANS some years ago which is 15 miler shorter than TOURS so could be another option. looking at video cant understand why they are liberating thousandsof birds the transporter behind doesnt have people looking in the bushes it may be more open

reguards A1 or M1 we can only go where there are suitable race points as we have found out with biggleswade.
biggleswade was proposed as an alternative for billericay i still cant understand how this race point could be classed as an alternative.
an alternative me should have been a race point of similar distance not 45 mile shorter.battle-harlow-reed-st albens-rivenhall is actual 5 mile shorter and big enough for 40,000 birds as unc use it and we have also raced from it.

Rivenhall is a lump of concrete in a field, its the end of an old runway, I think the WDA employee's deserve better than that


As was explained at the last meeting the difficulty is there is a CAA imposed no fly zone which is why we lost Stevenage and most other alternate sites are not big enough.
You end up having to draw North of the no fly zone.

All the sites you suggest with the exception of Rivenhall (like Boves that you pushed for despite evidence stating it was unsuitable) are not suitable for the WDA to use for one reason or another.

We were told we were moved to Billericay as Rivenhall was not good enough for the Amalgamation due to access problems.
Wanstead Flats was 20 plus miles further than Stevenage, Billericay is approx 27 miles further than Stevenage.
Given the no fly zone for Stanstead and Luton Airport options of suitable sites was limited. The new Biggleswade site (since withdrawn) gave a 200+ mile race to the top end of the WDA, you can't liberate in CAA no fly zones and after the Durham Combine bird strikes from Reed a few years back the NEHU were asked to avoid certain Racepoints and to ensure the racing organisations tried to avoid pigeons flying over Stanstead airport.

The members of Darlington & District Fed who enjoy and time in from the longest race all voted for Bourges (as did members of other Feds).

Bourges has been taken away from the members who like their distance racing to satisfy some that can't fly it.
Should Tours not be suitable, surely the preferable option must be to revert to Bourges to satisfy the distance fanciers, not drop shorter still to suit those who are unable to time in even more.

As it is those Amalgamation members looking for a certificate of Merit from the NEHU and the sponsorship prizes must now split their team to fly the Bourges race in the NEHU and also find entries for the WDA longest race.


Stuart, can you honestly say the racing from bourges has been acceptable the last few seasons? After last year's race I was up Ronnie Evans loft (who needs no introduction to racing borgurs) and he had some great cattle missing he was scratching his head to what went wrong as was his flying partner jimmy gibbon, who many regard as one of the best conveyers the unc ever had. You might think it's a cop out by people who 'cant time on' well I don't until the Bourges racing improves why chance chucking pigeons away? The evidence is there to see with regards to numbers sent/numbers returning.

Hi Richard - I've every confidence in Peter sorting out a good liberation at Tours. With a small lib which it will be and probably/possibly little or no other organisations there at 5.00am on a Friday there should be opportunity to select a good spot, or put the wagon on an angle across the road or put all the birds on one side of the wagon for a lib etc.

The big benefit from being independent and going under our own steam is that the birds will be basketed on the Tuesday evening and should be well on their way come Wednesday to get to the site in good time to allow quality rest feed and watering before lib rather than sitting at the garage overnight to go to Sappers Corner the next day to be transferred over to then set away on the Wednesday afternoon.

The birds need their rest at the lib site not at this end before they go and I'm sure this will be a major benefit to the birds.


As usual all the facts about race points appear after the vote,
I have already booked Tours and ordered the permits,
One comment on here the day after the vote for Tours saying it was not suitable, This came from a Fed Sec and vice-president of the NEHU, NO WONDER ITS ALL GOING DOWN HILL

Brian, it was only after Keith Mott had posted the 20 year old photo of the Tours site it triggered the memories of the lib from there in 2014 from exactly the spot in the photo shown by Keith Mott as I couldn't believe the difference between the two photo's.

The BICC have moved from Tours for 2015 as they are unable to get a decent lib from there, if onsite for more than a day or so they have to pull off site to top up their water tanks for watering the pigeons and the convoyer/driver have to crap in plastic bags as there are no facilities at all on site.

That is why i made the comment re "Boves", as yet again race points from France are proposed that are unsuitable but who has the responsibility to ensure they are suitable before they are voted upon and passed????
We had dismissed the Boves race point in 2014 but someone put it forward to the NEHU for 2015 and despite evidence to the contrary it was voted for on a Chairman's casting vote (this despite a WDA Fed voting against it at the WDA meeting and the Fed Sec then voting for it at the NEHU Management Committee meeting)...

It is a serious question? Is it the NEHU? or the WDA Officials? That are responsible for confirming a race point is suitable for the NEHU racing orgnaisations?

As for the NEHU Vice President/Fed Sec commenting it is not suitable, they probably assumed it was common knowledge it was less than ideal and would not be voted for....

As for returns from Bourges, R & K Dodds don't do bad up at Consett Fed, the lad I know that does set his stall out for Bourges had 3 of his 6 on the UNC sheet last year North of the Tyne....

Some lofts get the year in year out whatever the conditions, some don't. Last year was particularly poor and pigeons were reported in Spain, South of Franc and all over following the Bourges lib in 2015 and good Bourges fliers didn't time in but the pigeon that won the WDA was a real un and other top multi performance pigeons were clocked.

Some lofts never clock in and some of us never send but I do believe the racepoint has to have a clear space to liberate from and it needs basic facilities such as water.

If the percentage of birds sent to birds returning was as low at any other racepoint people would want change, now a know borgurs is a different animal to other races, but surely nobody can say it's acceptable to have consistently low returns! I know Stephen and Malcom well and there pigeon is fantastic.

Wednesdays meeting will be interesting, The vote was Tours or Bourges, so if we do not go to Tours do we go to Bourges,
At the AGM it was stated by some that we should not vote on Biggleswade because it was not in the Pre-AGM proposals, Only Tours and Bourges were in the Pre-AGM proposals.