Voting and decisions made in Wda

Can I just say not slagging or on any side. I am not so fussed on single libb would rather of seen east west anyway. The decision for single libb was voted on by members of the wda at the WDA AGM. How can there now be special meetings etc to over turn the decisions made at the WDA AGM. Surley if it's voted on and passed that's it. For example if we go north south split. Do all the people who voted to go up together have a special meeting or east west. I do think in current climate voting system is about our dated. I bet half the people that's not happy never went to club meeting etc. I just don't understand how a vote can be change all be it right or wrong. This just my opinion.
All the best 2017
S. Harland


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This question of yb liberations is raised every year and is never going to be resolved at this rate. Even within clubs members have differing opinons so its impossible to acheive a consensus Why not give each loft in the WDA a vote via a ballot paper with the different options on and then we all accept what the majority of the WDA members want. The completed forms could be distributed and returned via delegates/secretaries so very little expense would be incurred

Albert Jones
Winlaton HS

Democratic is the word were looking for but how can we achieve
this if 7 feds in the EAST are dominating 3 feds in the WEST sorry
Anfield Plane you are in the EAST The AGM should be practicaly
law but not until we get the law!s correct . sorry about the spelling wifes out

We could say the same tho we are practically as east as u get in wda. So we could say the 8 Feds west of us dominate. To be fair 3cs have always had pretty much there own way when it comes to voting biggest Feds biggest clubs etc. Now Feds have evened out. Like I say I am not for single libb either. It is coming across as though the three Cshavent got the vote to go the way itgey wanted and that's it toysout the pram.

Consett Fed has the least votes in the Amal with one vote for 75 lofts..Frank

Democratic is the word were looking for but how can we achieve
this if 7 feds in the EAST are dominating 3 feds in the WEST sorry
Anfield Plane you are in the EAST The AGM should be practicaly
law but not until we get the law!s correct . sorry about the spelling wifes out

This is rich coming from you. 3cs up together if not 2 cs up together if that fails Consett up by themselves. This is the contribution of Consett fed to the Democratic process. If the will of the meeting is overturned, This pretty much drives a nail into the WDA coffin. No annual general meeting will ever be held again whats the point.

Its the will of the members that matters and 80% of them did not vote ALL UP TOGETHER, that is driving that many nails into the coffin you need a nail gun

The will of the members was voted on and the majority has it. This is democracy at work. Over the last however many years the groups were voted to remain. You didn't hear zip from me and others, groups were and are an abomination. However the democratic process was enacted. We expect the same now.

Silver heels how can you say the majority have 8 out of 10 Feds didn't want all up together, only two did? This isn't demorcy at work, I'm sorry if this is what you call demorcy then you can keep demorcy! I'm all for supporting what the majority of the membership want, but in this case the majority do not want all up together! If every loft got a simple all up together or group lib vote I would go as far to say the group vote would get the majority of the vote then we could say demorcy had won!

Zebra8ter, I wasn't at the meeting so I can not make a comment as to how the all up together was carried. However carried it was. That's called the democratic process. If the mysterious 80% of members, allegedly don't want all up together then they or there representatives should have voted against it.The Conset fed ive spoken to several of them and they don't all share the same view. In the last general election less than 54% voted, of this 60% voted Conservative Those who didn't vote and those who voted Labour cant now bleat about the result. You say the majority don't want all up together there is no evidence to support this premise.You can however put it too your fed at the next years meetings.

In a year or so I can see the Durham combine getting more members and the WDA losing them.
Just my opinion

Maybe with the decline in members we will have no choice
But to emalgamte into one organisation in the future.

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You have to laugh at people on about racing in the Durham combine do they think the get better racing than us I don't think so

A morgan

some may recall i stated the WDA were not providing the YB racing that was wanted / needed,before 2016 season when I decided not to fly YB,s with WDA due to all been up together...well Brian gave me bit of bashing on here ....BUT look you will see he says this year *)80% of members do not want ..the yb racing that has offered / voted in .was I correct ??? To willington pros ,comments I can confirm YB racing with DC was much better than I was getting from WDA ./ lots less losses !!!= more enjoyable ..fact .....most fanciers just want to end yb season with a few birds to go forward.. I also stated I hoped the Brains in the WDA would sort it out, of yet 2017 this has not been done, & I fear it will have another MAJOR impact on our club with members , who are not shouting on here .. BUT simply voting with there feet .our birdage for yb,s last year would avaerage 50 yb birds a race ....a disaster for club fed & amal /expect to be less this year as it stands ? What ever is decided we must have it sorted soon we as members / customers can decide where to spend our birdage etc ....wishing all good luck for the coming season OB & YB ,,NOTE .....,most of our members would fly with WDA ...but not with all up was hard enough with groups we were put in with..!!!! .all up together for us at front was just silly ?

I was at the meeting and a vote was never taken for ALL UP TO-GETHER
It was wrongly assumed by the delegates that without 13a,13b they had to go ALL UP TOGETHER
Only 2 feds out of 10 proposed all up together=20%, Its not democratic and its not right but sadly some seem hell bent on taking advantage to get their own way

Iike I've said before get rid of it. If i want some new windows in
my house i get what i want not what someone else says or ill go somewhere else and get it I'm the one paying.i don't think the convoyers will have a problem with this..So why not try to make everyone happy FRANK

We try to make everyone happy Frank but the cogs are moving slow on this one, I have yet to receive an official objection from a Fed Secretary regarding the voting on all up together
Lets be fair even Father Christmas could not make some on here happy

Silver heels 8/10 Feds do not want it, the people who attended the meeting will tell you! Our club as put a letter into our fed if 8/10 Feds wanted all up together I'd support it! As for general elections you know how the voting system works, a feel most fed delegates didn't know how this items voting worked

Voting system is outdated not in all things sometimes its the only way if you carnt provide a good service willingly you can resort to voting..If i go on a bus they don't say every boddy elce is going to
Sunderland so you are..

they do if its got Sunderland on the front

i used to get off at Gateshead cos mine had oxo,s on the back