Following the past season the number of birds that have been lost are unacceptable,
surely it is time to change the way we race the following are just a few ideas that may
help to keep the sport alive. We cannot keep going on as we are the next step will be members saying enough is enough and pack in. as Brian said it is time for the true fancier to look for a solution, the way forward could be to change the way we vote for proposals.most proposals are voted on by very few members. one solution could be postal votes.by this method every member
(that wished to) would get to vote.and not the proposals be decided by Feds where only a few have been bothered to have a meeting to decide “The Same As Last Year”.one way to do this is for Feds to send in proposals to Brian and for him to sort them out into groups i.e. officials / race programs / groups / lib times /miscellaneous / ect,
then send one copy to each fed sec to be photo copied and then one to be given to each member to vote for one proposal in each group, then return to fed sec to forward to brian, votes counted majority decides. that way no need for pre AGM followed by AGM .
THE RACE PROGRAM should be looked at. At the moment we seem to be following the UNC
in many of our races i.e. Peterborough,Huntingdon,Maidstone,Folkstone, all are on the east side of the country. surely we should be racing down the middle ,we are the WDA we were formed to be separate to the UNC if we run a line down the centre of the WDA to the south coast we should
be racing from race points like Wakefield (83mls) Rotherham(100) Chesterfield(120)Leicester(155)Kettering(173)Buckingham(200)Woking(248)Littelhampton(283)
all distances approx to SAC FED all RACE POINTS RPRA APROVED SITES. on to the continent, Rouen(380) Evreux(420) Orleans(520) Bourges(566) all are as near north to south as possible. I know some people will say the further west we go “I will lose out on over fly” not true you get what you are entitled to. if it helps for better racing is that not what we need and want.
Groups . We in Sacriston fed voted for single lib this year I for one think now I was wrong. “to smaller liberation.”
We fly our bird to come from A to B as fast as possible would it not be better if we had groups east and west i.e. dar /d/ness / sac / a/plain /new/west East group. other 5feds West group possibly for the first 4 old and young bird races to give them a straight line home. In our fed all our
bird come out of the west or back over.
This yb season the new conveyor has been waiting for the UNC to clear the race points to avoid clashing. OK so if we go down the middle of the country this would not be a problem for him also he would be able to liberate as soon as possible thus avoiding many other organizations.
Over the years we have always had a problem with the 3rd or 4th yb race this year especially, to try to avoid this why not try and race Sundays for the 2 week ends.it may be that the weather is good for Saturday and not for Sunday but surely a holdover and a Monday race is better than losing all the ybs we lost this year ending in only 3367 bird going to the yb national and a decrease in the number of old bird for next year. As I said these are only a few ideas, some may say that they are rubbish some what a good idea,but if we don’t change we will end up with that few members that the sport will go.
The majority of members are 50 plus if not older, money is tight and the past season will only make
racing dearer so please look at these suggestions and make as many comments as you like but don’t just leave it to the few that sit back an say “Same As Last Year”
yours in sport
Billy Scott
(G Scott & sons)


Your right in my eyes I personally think the race points are better str8 down the middle the wda isn't big enough for single libbs I for one will put that forward at our club. But got a feeling in our fed we might get dictated to as per

This year has been one of the hardest for the old and ybs with a lot of pigeons being lost and sacriston fed being one of the smallest in the wda in 9 years i have never known so few birds going to the ybn with only 140 away in the fed . I agree 100% with billy its time for change or we will not have a fed to fly our birds we all need to get our heads together and sort this we are not big enough to be liberated on our own it should be east and west as you said billy plus i think the program needs a serious look at i think we should start with ybs the weekend of the last channel race to try and get better turn out for the later races this is just my opinion Stephen james(Longstaff james & parkin ) sac fed

stephen james

hi,billy.yes i agree we do need to make changes befor it is to late.in my opinion we need to look at race points as near to A1or M1 provided their is facilitys for drivers/helpers etc on these sites.we would like to see 2 libs for young birds NORTH/SOUTH this would give us approx 6,000bds in each lib.ALL up together after 4 races this will give us chance to try and get them coming strait out.I no what you mean by sundays but i keep pigeons 2race saturdays weather permitting.iff held over sunday or looks like a bad forcast members wouldnt send due to work commitments.I think we are moving forward in the right direction with A.BROWN coming on board and our new convoyer will give us the best race he can,i have offered my full support to AB and assist in any way.their are other things that need sorting out but need to be discussed

Thats what this site is all about, open discussions to try and improve the the WDA for the benefit of ALL the members so if you have any questions for myself, Alan Brown or Peter Matthews fell free to ask, all 3 of us are members on here and look forward to your comments, The meetings are approaching and you need to have your say
Brian Ford

Absolutely spot on with the East/West Split for the first 4 YB races or the 3 C's and the rest. Pointless for the furthest East lofts to be liberated from short races in a South East wind with the furthest West lofts. The only thing it teaches them is what the high side looks like. Likewise if the wind had been gale force West Wind the lads in Crook Fed would have been looking to the Coast for their first arrivals.

Cannot understand how we ended up with a North/South liberation when the membership voted for the 3 C's as one group plus other groups/Single libs. Splitting voted for groups and then putting those Feds up with the Feds they voted to avoid being libbed with seems counter productive as if a Fed gets a smash with the group they voted for that is their fault, when they get a poor race liberated with Feds they do not wish to be liberated with there is alway's the feeling it may have been a better
race if liberated as booked.

Re racing Sunday for early YB races, I had the misfortune to race in the Durham Combine the season they did it for youngsters and managed to win the club from Bubwith 54 miles doing 970 ypm on a perfect racing day with the sky to ourselves and the first 3 races were all poor. Saturday is our race day and we should alway's try to plan a programme around Saturday racing for those that work to give them a chance of still enjoying a race if there is a holdover or marking is postponed by 24 hours.
I had to miss the YB National in 2008 as it was postponed to a Monday and there was no way I could be on a Course in London and be at home to race pigeons on the same day.
Likewise the minute about YB races having to be flown on the next available Wednesday should be rescinded asap or we could have had a bigger clart on than ever if we had copped a bad weekend for the Huntingdon race.
If the forecast for Huntingdon was poor and the race put back as per the minute we would have had to fly the following:

15th Sept - Billericay
19th of Sept - Newark
22nd Sept - Maidstone

We would have had even less for Maidstone.......

The full membership need to be engaged and actively involved in the decision making process. Perhaps meet the WDA Officials nights at the Top, Middle & bottom of the WDA to listen to members concerns but also for members to understand that they also dictate what happens in the WDA may help re connect with some who feel devolved from the process due to lack of communication from delegates & even things being decided by a handful in the know rather than a meeting being called.
Not voting and relying on the "same as last year" is a waste, especially when the people who don't vote then complain about what they get.

The race programme should be looked at and we should be looking to get a consistent programme which allows for preparation for WDA classics while getting decent racing. There is little point haring down the Country at full speed in April while it is freezing cold, fit, healthy pigeons will handle a jump (as proven with Folkestone this year) rather than being flogged week after week in April just to have got to racepoint X on a certain date.


Hi all good topic of conversation all it takes is a lot of common sense in the sport and to discuss things properly at meetings and things just might change for the better i for one will be glad when this season is over and look forward to next year with hopefully a few changes made . We have got to put the welfare of the birds first not what suits us daft programs its all about ybs learning .

stephen james

The race points above sound good to me.
I will take these forward at our clubs next meeting and see what our other members think.
If this is passed then hopefully the only thing to hold the birds back will be the weather.

cph's picture

Hi Suart the idea of the first 4 old bird races up in 2 groups is to get them a line in next year. as i said all they do is come off the west I think that the birds will soon learn a line home if they are not draged to the west with the majority.As you say the full membership need to be involved but you will never get them all together.thats were the postal idear came from.ALL proposals would go to all members not just the few that turn up meetings, that way no one can say thay did not know or got a vote. some members do not get to know what is happening at WDA mettings untill it is to late to change it.why not lets have a few race programs put on here to try and get members thoughts. Billy

Good to see there are people out there who care about our great sport and want to improve things . think the idea of an east west split for the first four races is very good i raced in the unc before i joined the wda and the best raceing we had was when they started libs in two groups east & west with a half hour between the libs . as for the race points sugested they all look good and should be looked at . would like to keep raceing for a saturday for those who work . would also like to see a few improvements to our transporters and remove the going four hours earlier if the race is put back 24 hours all for the welfare of our birds
Alfie Hawthorn

It is really good to see good constructive comments on the web site.
Regarding a race programme last year Crook Fed proposed we fly a programme based on a straight line between Durham /Leeds /Portsmouth, we got no support for it.
Our federation meeting is this wednesday and I know clubs are looking for this line again,after the meeting I will post Crook Feds proposed programme which will hopefully be a starting point for further discussion.
The present system of voting for races on a graph system does not seem the right way of doing it, i believe we should look at the overall balance of the proposals and vote for a specific race programme.
Points to consider
1 Do the members want 5 channel races.
2 Do the members want to race the NEHU races ie Folkstone , Clermont and Bourges,
3 Do the members want 2 inland nationals and a seperate yearling classic
4 Do the members want first 4 YB races in groups and if so what size ,and in which areas.
If any feds want me to come along to a fed meeting and meet people and listen to comments I would be willing to do so if available ( I do have some holidays booked )

Alan Brown

This is very constructive all we need at the meetings is sensible things put forward no hidden agendas just good ideas put forward for the welfare of the birds. And for better racing and less criticism of officials yes mistakes have been made but we all make them in life. I for one think we should be looking at a more direct line of flight for the up coming meetings i know a lot of people say you can not do this that and the other but we all know were there,s a will there,s a way i believe what billy said there should be individual voting and let the majority decide what they want race points nationals i,e channel races i think this is the way forward because a lot of people do not turn up for meetings this way they get there chance to make there own decisions on what they want from racing . regards

stephen james

stephen james

cph's picture

Alan that is the very thing i am on about how many members of the WDA new that you fed proposed a straight line between durham and portsmouth only the members at meetings, had all members known (postal vote) you may of had it passed last year. 1fed may have voted 11 to 10 against a second fed 20 to 5 for. a tied vote. but really it's 30 for 16 against. EVERY vote should count.