Clearance Sale for Cullingford Bros Darlington

Albert is in poor health and the pigeons must go, there are pigeons to go with Club, Fed and Amal prizes as well as the full stock team...

Families include:
Heremans-Ceusters from Homer and Williams
The best of Dekka Lamb
Albert and Bills "Emma" line, 1st WDA Maidstone and 3rd WDA Eastbourne in same season
Their old Busschaerts from way back when and plenty of others, Albert (and Bill) were never frightened to buy what they liked no matter what the cost and are amongst the best fanciers to have ever flown in Darlington.. They topped the WDA and Durham Combine in their career and were top lifters over the years at Fed level and many , many times top lifters at Club level.

All enquiries to Bobby Welsh 01325 261953 and he will arrange to meet you at the loft.