James cook hospital

After the lofts of Mr /Mrs Walton were burnt to the ground at bishop auckland the pigeon fanciers rallied together to raise funds for a new loft to get them back in the sport.Jeff and Denise were given permission to erect the loft in a new location,unfortunately after lofts were erected things didn't work out with the people who had gave them permission to have the lofts in their garden they flew young birds last year and old birds this year from the new loft.Alf waggett decided to call it a day due to ill health and offered Jeff and Denise his loft which was only 20 yards away they took the offer up and raced young birds from it.I was contacted by Mr Tommy Stephenson who also flys in the same location to purchase the loft at the end of racing.the loft has been sold for £800 and said I would be donating the money to charity I went to the loft this morning to drain how the lofts were erected.After speaking to Jeff and Denise they asked if the money could be donated to James cook brain tumor unit as this is something very close to their heart due to a close family member been affected with a brain tumour.I said no problem I will get in touch and donate the money from the sale of the loft.