After a lifetime of racing pigeons it is regrettable the partnership are calling it a day.Peter the senior partner now in his mid seventies has been diagnosed with COPD and pigeon fancier lung .the partnership of Shaw & Talbot flew birds in tindale crescent before moving to west auckland where they have flown since 1977 with great success at club and federation level including 1st west durham amalgamation the partnership were joined by Robert linsley a very successful fancier.the on offer represents the very best of Soderlund&maddison from South Shields one of the top lofts in the expense has been spared as this loft has always gone out and purchased the best possible blood lines the birds for sale have only been purchased in the past couple of seasons ,some of which were successful racers and breeders from Soderlund&maddison own loft.the sale will be at WEST Auckland wmc club Sunday 7th October viewing 11.30am restarting this sale is a daughter of the ace breeder the Avon Hen.5 direct children of the super star Dino 7x 1st fed 2x 1st section 6,500 bds 1st section 4,500bds 1st section 2,700 bds responsible for a dynasty of winners.3 direct from Parkside Lillian 3x 1st fed 1st Nehu open 24,000 bds Eastbourne Dino and Lillian direct from the Avon Hen.3 direct from Parkside premier unc b.o.y 2013.all details are in British homing world page120/121.correction to lot 28 ring number is 15ss1336.a total of 39 lots (stock birds). Following these will be approximately 30 2018 youngsters all flown the programme amongst these are some bred by Soderlund&maddison closely related to Dino.also youngsters bred by Taylor brothers newbiggin.lot 51 1st ,9th,10th fed.lot 52 from one of the main breeding pairs safier 40 x jackpot 03 responsible for numerous winners originate from Brian Johnston.the birds on offer have bred 5 fed winners in short space of time.the members of west auckland homing society would like to take this opportunity and wish them all the best as they will be a big miss.come along and show your support top winning blood blood lines on offer.any further details contact me on 07862281011.


Lots 1&1a are being sold as a pair being sire /dam of 5 federation winners.a free summer bred youngster to be given.also 2018 young bird in auction

Is this a step closer to west club joining force's with tindle club