Letter from NEHU President

It,s disappointing that I have again to remind some members about
the way they are conducting themselves.
Our sport is facing a difficult enough future without the constant harassment and abuse that is hurled at officials and individuals .
Decisions must be made which often results in someone not agreeing or disappointed with the out come.That does not mean that it gives that person the right to abuse anyone.
NEHU rules 46 - 51 covers discipline and what action may be taken.
The reason these rules are not taken UP ENOUGH is often the victim
of the abuse is the bigger man
they do not want to be seen as petty or classed the same as the abuser.
They also don,t want to see that person suspended or stopping them racing
The next 5 years will be critical for our sport in the NEHU we need to
start thinking about what is best for our future and not what,s best as an individual.
Remember without any officials you will have no racing,clubs are already folding because they are unable to get anyone to run them.
If the only way to stop the abuse is to SUSPEND members,
then sadly that,s the way it must be