We are offering our first round of youngsters from stock birds for sale.The birds were paired up on 27th December and all went down on eggs with in 14 days (probably due to the mild weather) eggs are due to start hatching for 26th January onwards in the stock loft 18 pairs we have retired racers with multiple club and fed wins,birds that have bred multiple club and federation winners many winning 1st Bob's top ten up to 11,000 birds and many top WDA positions and top awards.in 2004 we introduced our present day family of birds which were purchased from Andre Roodhooft they have gone on to win club averages,federation averages and 7 x 1st open west Durham amalgamation classics.in 2013 we purchased 4 late breds from the well respected lofts of Soderlund&maddison and added them to Our family in 2015 with great effect.some top performances from our birds.2 birds from our good friend Jimmy curry.
2010 Jean winning 1st Nehu open 28,000 bds folkstone
2011 Turbo Joe winning WDA Sprint champion and best bird in the Nehu with 3,000 lofts.
2015 Our evie WDA and Nehu bird of year 2,500 lofts.
2015 Ella's star WDA young bird champion
2017 Dynamo Joe 1st Nehu open 9,600 bds Roye queens cup
2017 Yogie 1st WDA BiLLERICAY national 4,000 bds
2017 Red Ruby WDA bird of year. Nehu runner-up beaten by 1 point for bird of year.
2018 Wild thing 1st WDA 2,300 bds arras .3rd Nehu bird of year.
2018 1st Nehu Sprint award 50 miles /150 miles 4 race coefficient.
2017 and 2018 winning most points from the 8 WDA classic races.
2017 uk and republic of Ireland deduif awards from 5 categories races winning 5th overall.
2018 deduif awards winning 6th overall.
Provided all goes well there will be 24 /28 youngsters for sale all priced at £50 each.our performances and pictures of the above birds mentioned can all be viewed in the WDA hand books.in one interested contact number is 07862281011.
Thanks to Brian Ford for allowing us to put information on WDA site.