Leicester Saturday 20th April 2019 Convoyers Report

Fri 7.15 rang martin and Stephen vote was 3 to 0 to go

Fri arrived at yard at 4.45 picked up Deerness Valley,Crook, Cockfield and West Durham Feds arriving at Leeming Bar for 9.45 set off with 3 wagons and 2 trailers at 10.40 arrived on site at 1,25 opened up and watered birds

Sat up at 5.45 cloudless skies misty on route ,liberated at 7.50 and Consett at 8.10 both in a light north east wind turning south variable from Wakefield area

Basket numbers

Deerness Valley 24, Crook 20,Cockfield 38:West Durham 67
Consett 77,Annfield Plain 50 ,Newcastle 43,Tyne Derwent 44
Darlington 33
Total 396

Peter Mathews posted by Alan Brown