Tours / Gien Friday 21st June 2019

As everyone should be aware of by now the Tours site is no longer available for liberations, The race is now from GIEN which is located about 90 miles east of Tours and about 80 mile south of Paris
As 3 organisations are going ,WDA ,Durham Combine and New North Amalgamation the NEHU have decided that this race will be the NEHU race .
So as it is NEHU policy the winning pigeon will be drug tested by the NEHU
As was done last year we will be running a £10 nomination open to all 3 organisations 2 prizes 60% to winner 40% to second ,please mark entries very clearly on race entries
For the overall 1st 2nd and 3rd Paul Jowett of the Corn Bin has agreed to sponsor the positions with 3 bags of corn to winner 2 bags to second and 1 bag for 3rd ,thanks Paul
There will also be diplomas for the first 20 in the open

Alan Brown