Leicester CONVOYERS report

FRI,7.20am rang m.wade and s. Meadows and a brown .vote 3-0 to go4.20 pm went to sewells for wagon and then to yard.picking up DV,CR,CF,and WD feds up then down to leaking bar for 9.30pm. 3 wagons and 2 trailers set off at 10.20pm,arriving on site for 1.10am.
SAT 5.45 up,blue skies ,no Sun , Sun on wagons at 6.35am,rand various places on route and looked at web cams , fog at wetherby but local .spoke to kev mckimm about PENTLAND FED from scotland,told him to tell contact not to LIB at 8.30 to 8.45 as we would be in area ,he said would go before 8 or after 10. BIRDS up at 7am and 7.15am .Rang Leicester fed,who were at wetherby at 8.10 fog clearing well,he rang me back at 8.45 to say Scots had libb.then found out at home-end, lanark fed libbed at catterick at 9.15 am.reports of .birds were coming out of north by a lot of fanciers.
PETER matthews


Basket numbers
Crook 15,Cockfield 24,Consett 52,West Durham 58
Tyne Derwent 29 Deerness Valley 17,Annfield Plain 40
Darlington 23 Newcastle 29

Total 287

Alan Brown