Richmond hs 2019

quick update on season 2019 !!

J Tiffany has had a quiet season until disaster at the start of YB season / when Joe was flooded out house , home with the loft also been flooded / losing a couple of birds .
I Mcintosh 16 point but what an end to the year 2nd fed , then 1st fed , breaking his novice status ,
W Mellor 4points / B Smith 4 points both lads picking chosing there races ,Will winning his fare share at Roman rd hs
J Nelson 16 points missing all the YB season / John not sure if racing 2020 but lets hope he finds away to race,
G Barker,son 34 points Ged missed good few races , opting for a couple of holidays away,
M M Bell 48 points knocked off top spot / after only one season , channel ave
R Dixon,dtr 62 points a steady season by rays standards YB Ave , but sure he will be biting back 2020
C Browne 78 points (assisted) by V Borda TOP LOFT 2019. great season
inland ave
old bird ave
combined ave
yb nat cup
NO date for presentation as yet ,, but trophies ready , PLEASE NOTE Breeder / Buyer claims need to be in for 30th nov 2019..couple of minor positions may win it , ??
FED DOO ! 30th nov Railway inst / sure to be an entertaining evening !! ROLL ON 2020 season . Scooby Lofts itching to get going .