Five 2020 summer bred youngbirds

Ped for pigeon 1
YOU WONT GET BETTER THAN THESE—not great grandchildren but off winners or brother/sister to winners at highest level.

Pigeon 1– bird will be bred by M Lyons off parent of his 1st WDA winner 2019 young bird national so sister or brother to 1st wda winner. (Hardy Kruger)
Update— young bird will be same way bred as wda winner and Michael says pick of the nest first or second round so you will get to race it.

Pigeon2-bird will be bred by Turnbull/son and Nicola Teasdale off his 2018 WDA Winner-Hawthorn blood one side.

Pigeon 3-bird will be bred by Hannet/James off 1st Durham Combine Winner 2019–Gary Cox blood.

Pigeon 4-bird will be bred by Tony Twentyman off 2nd WDA 2019 young bird national beat by seconds by M Lyons,Tony’s young bird wont disappoint .

Pigeon 5-well I can not tell you what you will get but I am sure the winning bidder will be pleased as this bird is from A Hawthorn need I say more.

All money raised is for Burnopfield H S Club funds and three of the breeders are burnopfield members.

Bid by texting 07707957566 please leave details of bird your bidding on and amount and your details plus phone number.
Sale closes 31st January nine pm
Will update bids as I get them.
Bid updates.
Pigeon 1–£110 —G Wallace
Pigeon2-£100 — A Simpson
Pigeon3-£100 —A Simpson
Pigeon4-£90– B Hodgson
Pigeon5-£200-K Coils


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Bids so far

T Ovington

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Pigeon 1–£70

T Ovington