29 sent 1037
2. E.Cranston/s/ptr 1653.51
3. P.Kelly winlaton 1648.79
4. Robson bros highfield 1618.32
5 E.Cranston/s/ptr 1617.69
6. F.Thomson winlaton 1616.79
7.Shield bros 1611.54
8. phillips /son 1610.17
9 F.Thomson 1608.85
10.M/M Jones 1607.24

Ball sons won greenside

Hamilton and District Leicester

1st K Brown 1617ypm
2nd Clark bros 1612
3rd mr and mrs hall 1600
4th Hodgon son cowie 1599
5th Shaw Richardson and Thompson 1599
6th J Mckena and son 1598

Burnopfield HS Leicester 21 4 2018

1st--Turnbull son and nicola--1609.3ypm
2nd --Smith/Ovington--1605
3rd -Twentyman /Carrick1604
4th --Turnbull son and Nicola --1601
5th --M Lyons--1599
6th--R Brown--1598
7th --Twentyman/Carrick--1594
8th --9th and 10th--Beadle /Weldon--1592 ,1591 and 1591.


leicester 21/4/18

1st J.M. BELL 1564.78
2nd R. CUMMINS 1560.062
3rd W.STOTT & SON 1560.03
4th R CUMMINS 1559.9

WDA Leicester 21st April 2018

Birds liberated at 8.00 in a light variable wind

Alan Brown

WDA Leicester 21st April 2018

No word until 8.30 cloud cover on site at present

Alan Brown

Times for race pick up's

I think it's time the WDA looked at the pick up times. As they don't take into consideration for the members that are at work, as some don't finish till 5pm. Our club at South Moor we have to be there for 4.45pm to set up clocks and put pigeons on.Wagon comes 6.10pm. But previous years it's been an hour later for set up and pick up, this giving members time to finish work and get pigeons sorted. As for today the secretory was unable to attend due to work commitments, i had to close my business early to go to set up clocks. It's alright for those who are retired, not for those working.

WDA Leicester 21st April 2018

Birds go today ,vote was 3 to 0

Pick up times as previously advised

Alan Brown

high spen mid week club--vale of derwent

Well after last weeks postponement we had a cracking day for our first race and a fast one was expected and a fast one is what we got..
And the Man on a Mission came out of the blocks to take the first two positions .
1st Fedor Babak--1811ypm
2nd Fedor Babak--1810ypm
3rd Smith/Ovington--1807
4th ### /#####---1806
5th ###/#####---1806
6th ###/#####--1805
7th jobes bros/Stephenson
8th A Slee and g/daughter
9th jobes bros /Stephenson
10th jobes bros and Stephenson

Cockfield Fed Thoresby Hall 14-4-18

1st- Smith, Son & Ptnr-1578.167
2nd-Bradley, Jackson & Bainbridge-1576.004
3rd-Wade Bros-1574.917
4th-Wade Bros-1574.450
5th-A Howe-1570.933
6th-Wade Bros-1570.026
7th-Bradley, Jackson & Bainbridge-1569.945
8th-Wade Bros-1569.794
9th-Shaw, Talbot & Linsley-1569.672
10th-Bradley, Jackson & Bainbridge-1568.553
11th-Hart Brothers & Douthwaite-1568.053
12th-Wade Bros-1565.396


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