Willington prospect hs Results

Billericay young bird national 17th September
1. D and K Dodd 1141.5
2. A Morgan and son and daughter 1135.9
3. Mr and Mrs Hopton 1135.1
4. Mr and Mrs Walton 1131.4
5. A Morgan son and daughter 1114.6

WDA Billericay YB National

WDA YB Billericay National



1st WDA Billericay Youngbird Nat - Wade Bros


Claims are required for the following trophies

Old Bird Sprint Champion

Young Bird Sprint Champion

WDA Best Bird

Shepherd Trophy

Mesdames Downs and Doloughan Trophy

Rules for these are on pages 6 and 7 in handbook

Must be claimed via Federation Secretaries

Must be submitted to Brian by Sunday 1st October 2017

Late claims will not be considered

Please don't say afterwards that you could have won one of these , if you think that you have a top performing bird or lots of WDA points PLEASE MAKE A CLAIM

Annfield Plain H.S Billericay YB National Noms

1st Taylor & Taylor (Sac)
BC 17 DV 241 17.23.13 Dist 238.659 Vel 1204 £320

2nd Stobbs & Mosey (Con)
CH 17 X 2091 17.52.41 Dist 243.117 Vel 1132.687 £200

Any objections within seven days

Prize money will be paid out on Fri 17th November at Annfield Plain Presentation Night
Thanks for everyone's support and to Owen Shaw for the donation of a trophy


Just in today little chequer

Newcastle west progressive fed result billericay

1st j bonner&son 1121.8
2nd j bonner&son 1121.61
3rd w curran&sons 1105.2
4th a hawthorn 1084.3
5th c a cook 1082.5
6th c a cook 1082.4
7th c a cook 1071.1
8th c a cook 1070.83
9th p Anderson 1070.811
10th a hawthorn 1067.4


17dv 1712
In at Blaydon
Alan Todd


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