Newark Saturday 13thApril 2019 CONSETT

Consett birds have been liberated at NEWARK at 8.35 in.a Light east north east wind

Due to some building work traffic arriving on site Peter could not find a safe area to liberate 2wagons with 2 trailers so he has moved back to Thoresby Hall update at 9.00

The Consett wagon was parked in a good safe area for the liberation

Alan Brown

NEWARK Saturday 13th April 2019

Just spoke to Peter,due to access problems at Thoresby Hall the birds are at NEWARK,
Weather is clear skies but cold at present will update at 8,30

Alan Brown

Thoresby Hall Friday 12th April 2019

Birds going today vote was 3 to 0

Alan Brown

High spen midweek club result

Well the weather was good to us with birds clocking over 1600 ypm back to their lofts —but disaster struck again it must have been prison break day as a bird managed to escape at the liberation point makeing our transporter staff have to take inventory of birds left,well you would say that was bad enough but having new members with three different types of clock threw a spanner into an easy job but let’s not go into that.
Suffice to say our poor sec has been given the task of sorting the result so we will wait for an official result to be posted.

Birds up at wetherby

Lib 4pm

High spen midweek club

Disaster —lads putting last bird in basket at club and we had 8 birds make a break for it out of other basket ,need to stop this!
Well we took all ring numbers of birds left in baskets 110 Birds I believe 8 escaped and yes one was mine and yes it was my pool bird ,never mind he was waiting at home,
So good luck for tonight.

Tyne & Derwent 2 Bird Club.

Open to Newcastle & Anfield Plain Fed's
Penning 7pm til 8pm. Sale at 8pm.
Last chance to join the night of sale.
Likely to be £60 plus a point. Points 3 2 1 .
£30 plus a young bird owner buys back if not a £30 bid.
This year a £100 breeder buyer for you best young bird.
Flown in any organisation in club /fed races.
A chance to buy from some of the top lofts from the 3 Fed's. Come along and buy at reasonable prices if last year's sale is to go by.
Rob Shield

Race Panniers

Pam Grange at UNC has located a supplier for race panniers provided there is an overall order for 100. They are £186.00 each inc vat and she needs a deposit of 50% with order, any club interested please contact Pam at UNC office tel 01429 870263

Alan Brown

Thoresby Hall 12 th April 2019 Pick up times


Prize Money at young bird national
1st Breeder £320 Buyer £320
2nd Breeder £190 Buyer £190
3rd Breeder £130 Buyer £130

Huntingdon 8th September 2019
for the fastest velocity from sale birds
Breeder £50 Buyer £50

Peterborough 1st September
for the fastest velocity from sale birds
Breeder £50 Buyer £50


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