Convoyers Report Hemswell

Racepoint Hemswell
Saturday at 6.00pm arrived in yard to tranship baskets from WD and CF fed on to the trailer, left yard around 7.00pm to continue picking the remaining clubs up. All wagons arrived on site at 11.00pm due to hitting a few diversions on the way down. All birds watered by 11.30pm curtains opened up and shutters were lifted. Sunday 6.30am full blue skies no wind but bitter cold. No Word till 8.30am but hoping to liberate at that time. Birds waters splashed at to encourage birds to drink. 8.30am birds liberated in a West South West wind birds cleared excellent sunshine blue skies. Line of flight,
Doncaster, Ferrybridge, Wetherby, Harrogate, Catterick, Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Cockfield, Crook, Consett, Stanley, Newcastle.

J profitt